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» Post-cognitive ancestral recall (WIP)
Lance Laverick
 Posted: May 27 2012, 08:33 PM
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Alternate Name(s): Post-Cognitive Genetic Recall,

The ability to see into the past and relive the events of history through ancestors of the subjects blood-line. When ever subject sleeps or meditates into a trance like state is when this occurs. And every hour that passes when enters this its a year in the life that he lives. This does however causes issue with subject identity and cause to sometimes suffer from persona displacement. It will fade with time depending how long one has been within the experience. Or might not happen at all if subject completes the experience. Which starts from birth to when the life conceives the next offspring in the line.


Lance is the only known Force-user of this ability. Which awakened during his time when he trained under Aria. When it first happened. It occurred under meditation. He's kept it hidden

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