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» ARC-99A6 Blaster Rifle
The Unifying Force
 Posted: Apr 18 2012, 02:02 PM
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Blastech Industries
Model: ARC-99A6 Blaster Rifle
Type of weapon: Blaster Rifle
Cost: 1750 Credits

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Weapon Specifications
Length: 1.25 meters
Weight: 5 Kgs
Shot Capacity: 40 shots
Range of Fire:
  • Optimum: 50 meters
  • Maximum: 75 meters
Fire Rate:(Ranged Weapons)
Type of Ammo: Blaster Bolts
Upgrades: None
Materials: Classified

Affiliation: The Fel Empire

The ARC-99A6 is a new weapons system designed to fulfill a mandate calling for a new standard heavy weapon for the Imperial Military. BlasTech created this system to answer that call. The inspiration for the design came from the old DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System from the Clone Wars. The engineers at BlasTech wanted to create a weapon that could have multiple uses without the need to switch out components of the weapon system itself. So, for the DE-17 they designed the Variable Ammunition System (VAS). Slung under the barrel of the blaster, the VAS allows for a greater and quicker adaptability to any given situation for a trooper. The VAS is pump action and can hold up too ten rounds in an ammunition tube. Up to twenty different kinds of ammunition exist for the system. The blaster rifle component of the DE-17 is based on the old DC-15A blaster rifle, but is in a bullpup arrangement and is far more powerful. The bullpup design also allows for a larger power pack to be used in the weapon and is incorporated into the stock.

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