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» [A]Talina Orainn, Kyle Jaxx's Squire
Kyle Jaxx
 Posted: Apr 30 2012, 03:34 PM
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Eos Prime

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”Once Upon a time…


Name: Talina Orainn


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Human / Echani Hybrid

Birth Place:

Faction: Eos Unitus Otium

Rank: Squire


Force-Sensitive: Yes

Adoptable: Yes

Usable By: Sean (Pm for permission)

“In a Galaxy Far Far Away”


Height and Weight: 5'3" @ 94.3 lbs.

Body Tone & Skin Tone: Slender / Petite with slightly pale white skin

Overall Appearance: Give us a basic overall rundown of their appearance, include whether your character has any scars or tattoos and the significance of them.

Overall Personality: Having lived a relatively sheltered life in the secret Eos academy on Eos Castle, Talina displayed some naivety towards the workings of the galaxy, through her early training under Kyle Jaxx. Despite her abhorrence of Kyle's actions, which she considered to cross the line of dark and light, Talina absolutely adored being with her master and was proud of her position as his apprentice, though Kyle did not realize that.

While Talina's training under Kyle Jaxx was meant to bring out the good side of her personality, she was also plagued by several more aggressive tendencies. When in combat, she displayed determination to win, similar to her master's disposition, as she would also occasionally sulk when things didn't go her way. She was also prone to overconfidence, believing strongly in her masterr's teachings of following what you believe even if it means being a little reckless. Brash, impulsive, and somewhat overconfident, Orainn was known to act as though she were unstoppable. As a Padawan, she had a slightly impulsive streak which was frowned upon by some of the elder Eos members. She had also mentioned once that she would prefer negotiations with a lightsaber over diplomacy to settle differences as she felt it was much more straightforward.

Despite these traits, Talina was very selfless and was willing to sacrifice herself if necessary. She was a thoughtful and observant person, who was generally reserved by nature. She was also very loyal to her master, and was almost always by his side as his squire. Talina also appeared to be good with children as she would spend much of her time with the younglings, when she was not under the tutorship of her master. Her most notable trait however, was noted to be her Loyalty to not only her master, but the Eos Order and all of it's teachings.

Talina was best known for her sunny and optimistic personality, who looked for the best in everyone she came across. She believed that no one deserved death without a chance of redemption, and would often get into arguments over her beliefs with her master, who believed differently,


Personal Belongings & Equipment
  • Eos Order Utility Belt (includes: rations, a medpack, an extra commlink, and an underwater breather)
  • Comlink + Headset
Clothing & Armor Notable Relationships: List any notable relationships past or present. Include family, friends, business partners, teachers or students and romantic interests. Feel free to add as many as you need

Spoken and Understood Languages: Galactic Basic

“Peace is not Absence of Conflict. Is a State of Mind.”

  • 375 ABY - Born in the Eos Castle to Praetors Shiv and Essia Orainn
  • 378 ABY - Brought into the Eos Order to begin her training in the force as a pupil
  • 384 ABY - Became Kyle Jaxx's Squire, and began training under the Eos Order's Prime.
  • 385 ABY - Built first lightsaber, and began her advanced training of form I/Shii cho, under Kyle Jaax


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Alia Faystar
 Posted: May 9 2012, 12:19 PM
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This character was adopted and is now an approved PC.

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