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» Twin Brother, FTW?
Zorah Wenshir
 Posted: Jul 25 2012, 07:38 AM
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Name of Character(s): Zoran Wenshir
Short Description: Zoran is Zorah's over-protective twin brother. He works mainly as a bounty hunter, sometimes a gun for fire. He can function well on his own, as he often leaves Zorah on Coruscant. Him and Zorah share an apartment and she helps him sometimes by giving him infomation on a bounty.
Personality: I have nothing really set in stone for this other than he is over-protective and really hates that Zorah is a dancer and an infomation broker. Anything after that is up to you.
Appearance: I like Kit Harrington, but it doesn't have to be him. Just so long as the PB resembles Emilia Clarke (Brunette, caucasian, somewhat big eyes.) Also, no 35-yearolds, though please? I'd like to keep this realistic to a degree. They have to actually pass as twenty-six in the real world.
Other: Got questions, ask.

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