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» [A] Spetral, The Spectre of the Corps
 Posted: Jul 14 2012, 06:11 AM
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"Until such time as a new government can be elected, I am the Galactic Alliance."



Nickname/Alias: Spectre


Gender: Male

Species: Wookiee

Birth Place: Kashyyk

Faction: Confederate

Rank: TBA by the leader

Face-Claim: N/A

"We need to make military strikes, and for that, we need the Imperious!"


Height and Weight: Weight: 130 kilos
Height: 2 metres

Body Tone & Skin Tone: Toned despite the hair

Overall Appearance: At first glance Spetral may seem like a weak Wookiee, however that is just how he carries himself, unlike others of his kind he shrinks down when he moves rather than holding himself tall.

The Wookiee’s face can seem hard to read, with only hints at what he’s thinking through how his mouth is and even then it’s harder to see. There are no scars on his body that one can see, however if one was to get past the fur they would notice some coming of age scars.

Spetral keeps only a basic flak jacket of sorts, as it’s sleeves have been taken off and sewn shut, upon his body of basic grey, or camo colour depending on the mission, as well as a tool belt which contains ammo/rations/genuine tools. Across his back is often his bowcaster, slightly modified.

Overall Personality: The Wookiee often keeps to himself around what squad he’s been moved too, not taking the time to get to know people, and after the first few initial meetings can seem quite cold and uncaring.

After getting to know the beast however one can find out that he is like most Wookiees are deep down, caring and affectionate, he still remains quite quiet around people he seems to know as ‘friends’ but seems more relaxed.

When on duty, or on a mission Spetral seems to disappear entirely, it becomes all business, all about the work, with little to no time to chat or have a laugh with those that want too, or even bother with people that he doesn’t have to answer too.

Once you get past the hard exterior of the near silent beast you can find that he can have a joke when the time is right, such as before a big raid on a mission, or as the smoke clears on a battlefield.

Strengths Wookiee Strength: Being of his race he has usually more superior strength to those of other races.

Extreme Stealth: Due to his past, and his innate abilities Spetral is able to become almost ghost like, his footsteps become lighter, he steps on less branches when he needs too, which has earned him the nickname ‘spectre’ from those that have been with him in action. Even moving through bushes, he is harder to spot as if he naturally takes his way through bushes to be less visible, even when running. Making him ideal for Recon work.

Master rifleman: Whether it’s close combat or sniping from afar this Wookiee is dangerous with a rifle, carbine, or his particular favourite his bowcaster, being able to shoot a wamprat not only from a T-17 but be able to hit it between the eyes from over 100 metres away without a scope.

Natural weapon smith: Give this beast some tools a weapon and some scrap that he can use and the work will be done, as Wookiees are naturally gifted with high technology, some go into engineering, some into the ship building business, Spetral has forgone both of the ‘normal’ ways and honed his talent with modifying weapons to help the Confederacy where he can.

Above average intelligence: Inside or outside the battlefield Spetral has shown a full understanding of basic tactics, army patterns; both enemy and ally; as well as ideal sniping spots.

Climbing/running: The Wookiee race is often known for its natural climbing abilities, however being slightly smaller than the average Wookiee, and weighing less Spetral has learnt that getting around the battlefield effectively is the way to go, and has learnt a variety of ways to run, jump, climb etc to get around faster than most other soldiers.

Weakness: Headstrong: Even as a Wookiee, Spetral was known to be headstrong, doing as he pleased when he pleased despite the outcome, he would do it his way.

Following specific orders: With being as headstrong as he is, this Wookiee always found a better way to do it, or so he thinks, following orders to the T is constantly getting him into trouble, as he would often leave his squad or allies to do it their way whilst he did his.

Temper: A natural trait of the Wookiee is well known to many, but not spread by those who angered them.

His home: Whenever someone brings it up, it often sends Spetral into one of two ways, one: Tearing the guys arms off and beating him with them or two: Sending him away from the conflict, be it on the battlefield or in the barracks, he would excuse himself to be alone.

His size/stature: Spetral knows he is smaller and weaker than most Wookiee’s of his age, and of many younger than him, and although he is still something to be reckoned with by human or other races standards, within the Wookiee culture he was often mocked for his size, and still gets to him whenever someone mentions it.

Lost in skill: When sniping from a distance Spetral often drowns out all things around him, the sound of animals, the rustling of leaves etc, more often than not this is due to his concentration on the target coupled with the fact he is over confident in his sneaking skills, to keep him hidden.


Resources: Whatever the Confederacy has paid him that month

Possessions:Custom Flak vest, with extra pouches for ammo/grenades, DL-44 Heavy Pistol, combat knife.

Modified Bowcaster, Modifications:
Scope up to x24
Extended barrel to allow sniping
Extended clips to allow CQC rapid fire (15 shots)
Blade at the butt of the weapon, to allow use as a club in desperate measures.

Notable Relationships: None, never needed any

Spoken and Understood Languages:

"Though battles have been lost, the Alliance still lives. We have not surrendered, we do not concede the stars. We will win back our birthright. Freedom."


The first ten years of his life on Kashyyk were fairly simple, the only notable things were how his parents treated him growing up, he was born smaller than other Wookiee’s and as such this made his parents weary about how he would affect their name in the standings of Kashyyk. Despite having a more gentle nature to other beings that is when you are not related to them, once in a family if you do not hit standards you could be seen as a ‘weakness’ to the nobility of the Wookiee people.

As the young fur ball grew it became apparent his mind was more his strength rather than his body, from a very young age he learnt to speak, then he learnt how to play with tools and so on until he was given a blaster and sent into the wilderness. Even his father was surprised at how his son moved, silently through the forest, whereas he was good hunter his son could get up to a beast and point blank shoot them without them even knowing, unless he stepped on a branch or something.

This almost un-natural way of movement scared his father and made him more distant, and Spetral was soon sent off into the army to be trained as a real warrior. His parents hoped this would ‘beef’ him up and make him more ‘normal’.

It was the opposite, being smaller than most he was open to ridicule from all the other warriors, those classed as ‘elite’ those that stood over 2.4 metres tall and just as wide. Beasts that could take down a wall with a single punch, this didn’t make the smaller Wookiee back off to a challenge though. For the first decade his posterior was handed to him multiple times, and even the Drill Sergeants thought he was brave, stupid but brave for someone of his stature.

As he was trained how to hold his weapon more efficiently, and whilst not on drills the beast learnt how to move with nature around him, being able to run silently was on thing, however to get where others couldn’t would be a great asset. Whilst he trained his skills he also trained how to move, learning to climb with momentum, to scale walls in a couple of steps, to not lose momentum when leaping over cover, how to run and shoot and still be accurate and near silent.

As he joined the army officially, by the time he was fifty, he was given a small assignment, to hunt down a pack of beasts within the near endless jungle of Kashyyk, he didn’t manage to find the beasts what he did come across after a week living off the land, was a small outpost of Trandoshan soldiers. They had some smaller wookiee’s and seemed to be taking them into various cages.

Not being stupid, and not being skilled enough to take out three large lizards with heavy repeaters as well as X in the tents, the ‘spectre’ of Kashyyk scaled the large tree without being noticed, and once he was a fair height up he watched through his Bowcasters sights and saw that they were what he feared. Slavers, skinners, the ancient enemy that he learnt about in a class sometime, although the two races were at peace they still learnt of how they used to be rounded up to be skinned.

The rage welled up inside of the beast and his finger squeezed the hairpin trigger of his modified riffle, a bolt cracked off, sending the brains of one lizard across the floor. It didn’t take long for the small brained reptile’s to know what was going on and soon began to search for answers. A few of them went into the tree line, others reinforced the camp.

What happened next Spetral doesn’t speak of, and claims ‘A darkness came over me and when I awoke’ before then describing the carnage of the camp. He had taken a balster shot to his left arm, and claw marks covered his tattered jacket and chest.

Wanting to know who or what information he could before setting the little ones free he scoured the inside of the tent… Only to find the stamp from the village elders on the datapad requesting this. It hit him….. This was how they were keeping peace with these stinkbags…. Releasing the young ones he began to notice, they were small, very small for their age. They were weak… Like he was… Horror filled him as they ran off into the forest to whatever ends they might meet. Taking the data pad he returned home.

Of course he was questioned on what had really happened but he never answered, he went about his duties for the next few months wrestling with what to do with the evidence he had found, until one day he was brought before the council. Before they spoke he knew what it was in connection with. The beast hid the data pad from prying eyes until he could get it, he wasn’t questioned as such more interrogated. Placed on a chair and beaten senseless by one of his superiors in the army. The Wookiee only laughed when asked what he knew. Spitting blood onto the floor every so often.

Then at the end of the third day of torture they decreed, he would be exiled, without honour, and only let to live as he didn’t have any evidence in his home, with his things, that proved what had gone on in the forest. Striped of what little honour he had he was thrown from the hut of the elders, told to get his things and was thrown some tickets off world.

Still dizzy from the blows he took the tickets, got his bowcaster and the evidence and went off world. Not knowing much more than minimum basic he left. Spetral spent a decade getting the money together to make it to Corellia, learning information that, that was where the headquarters of the Confederacy of ‘free’ planets was. Having now a heavy pistol, and barely enough credits to get him to the planet he went…. Right into the main office, demanding something be done about the skinning and slavery of Wookiee’s on Kashyyk. He handed over the evidence only to have it given back as ‘fake’ an ‘obvious forgery’.

Snarling he had to be dragged out, thrown back into the streets, only this time rather than getting up and moving on he lied there, he had been exiled… Striped of honour…. His family disowning him under false pretences, and now this ‘confederacy’ wouldn’t do anything to help him, these people who claimed for ‘free planets’.

Eventually the Wookiee did move only after deciding on joining the Confederacy, he would rise through the ranks, and once he was high enough he’d demand something was done, once he had power, once he had his honour back. It didn’t take long for them to realise his potential as a scout, as recon, his ability to move near silently and almost invisibly were highly sought after, and soon began his way into the Army.

"The Force is everything, and everything is the Force;"

"The reason the Jedi Civil War was named such, was because few in the galaxy can recognize the difference between the Sith and the Jedi. To them, they are both Jedi—with different philosophies."



See Jinn/Jay/Tykim.

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