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» Don't tell me the odds..., Agrilat Swamp Circuit sabotage inquiry
Shandra Tan'Kari
 Posted: Jul 29 2012, 08:36 PM
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Coronet city, Corellia - midday

In the office that Naro Ghaelthir occupied the rather tall older human paced, the authorities were no issue to the upcoming series of races but he had other matters. The sponsor of The Star Revenants, an up and coming swoop team who had formed in the last few years looked visibly worried. During the last several test runs and time trials there had been mechanical failures and malfunctions, amongst many of the teams present. Though he suspected something more was going on, having made inquiries he hoped his solution would put an end to the problems. Tapping a finger on his jaw he heard his comm link go off, and answered it. "One of your guests has arrived Mr. Ghaelthir, should I send her to see you right away?"

"Direct her to my office, and when the representative of the Yeddiah arrives send her up right away." Came the voice that was deep with age but unweathered by the years, he'd hired Naomi on recommendation from an old friend whom he'd trusted for years. An old friend who was involved heavily with the underworld, but still a legitimate businessman for the most part. As the door hissed open someone who looked like she belonged on the track stepped through, the twin braids moved with each step as he shook his hand without an introduction. "An old Quickfire, I stopped by the hangar already and I had my mechanic inspect the bike. Let's talk business and victory, what can you do for me in return?" She said as she sat down like she always would, skill was one thing but her ego was another.

Naomi Storm was good, but also known for being extremely competitive, in her last race she actually knocked an opponent into the just before the finish line. In the process of finishing she took out her own bike, and was unable to replace it with the meager winnings the small race back home offered. "I was told you'd be a handful, I only hope I don't come to regret this. We'll talk business soon, for now sit tight and have a drink." This annoyed her but she took the offered coffee, and yet she would rather something stronger with more bite. However this would do a she looked out the window over the city from the fifth floor. "You don't think I can handle this myself, why did you contact them... You know they don't like me very much." She said in a hushed tone when she could so that he knew who he was dealing with, she worked alone as Naomi as few people could tolerate her notable arrogance.

"We'll talk about it later, you came on good recommendation and yes I know. Now keep it down, I'll explain more soon." Was the reply as he sat down behind the desk and waited for his final guest, he would regret this or he would not. He did not want this to continue so that a clean race could ensue, one that he was footing the pizzeria money for and finding bad press regarding the accidents that so far had not killed any riders.

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Amra Tarmin
 Posted: Jul 29 2012, 09:23 PM
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Amra had been picked for this not just for who she was but for her years as the Head Master's young Padawan. It was nothing for her to slip away from him and take whatever they was using to get around and race the kids. It was how she get most of her information. there was nothing that Amra could not race. She had learned to use her gift of the force for anything she needed. She trusted it to Guild her in her life.

Dressed in black Pants and off the shoulder shirt, Amra did not look or dresses like most of the other Knights. Making her way into the building Amra was meet but someone that looked like they was waiting for someone. After talking to them they pointed her the way to the room she was to meet the one that had called her there. As she made her way downs the hall, Amra's Black boots hit the floor.

Stopping at the door, Amra brushed her hair back and slowly opened the door just in take to hear them talking about the other girl asking if the man did not think she could not do it alone and why he asked them to help. She could not help but Smile, "Have you thought that maybe he thinks that it is I that can not handle this alone?" She moved over to the desk and lowed her head to the man, "I am Amra Tarmin, I was send on behave of the Yeddiah Order." When she smiled anyone that was anyone could see just who Amra's birth right was.

Being a Sentinel knight in the order, Amra did not work with others much. She did her best work alone. Most of the time, she was alone or when she did have one and only one other Jedi with her and that one had his own mission he had to be on. "If you do not mind once we are done with this, I would like to take the Bike out for a run to test just how it handles."

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